On-surface synthesis of molecular nanostructures


Triphenylamine polymer on Au(111)        Porous nanoribbons on Ag(111) 
NATCOMM2017                              JACS2017

Selected publications:

  • Two-dimensional delocalized states in organometallic bis-acetylide networks on Ag(111)
    Z. Yang, J. Gebhardt, T.A. Schaub, T. Sander, J. Schönamsgruber, H. Soni, A. Görling, M. Kivala, S. Maier
    Nanoscale, 10, 3769-3776 (2018)
  • Hierarchical on-surface synthesis and electronic structure of carbonyl-functionalized one- and two-dimensional covalent nanoarchitectures
    C. Steiner, J. Gebhardt, M. Ammon, Z. Yang, A. Heidenreich, N. Hammer, A. Görling, M. Kivala, S. Maier
    Nature Communications, 8, 14765 (2017)
  • On-surface synthesis of porous carbon nanoribbons from polymer chains
    M. Ammon, T. Sander, S. Maier
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139 (37), 12976–12984 (2017)