Graphene: Growth and functionalization

We investigate the structure and functionalization of graphene at the atomic level using scanning probe microscopy. This includes studies on epitaxial graphene grown on metals and SiC(0001). Through controlled functionalization we can manipulate the physical and chemical properties of graphene and study the interaction of molecules and metal clusters with graphene.This project is part of the SFB 953.


AFM measurement in ambient condition of a free-standing graphene membrane on SiC(0001)
[ACS NANO 2013]
STM image of Pd clusters on graphene/Rh(111)
[JPCC 2014]

Selected publications:

  • Gateless patterning of epitaxial graphene by local intercalation
    C. Sorger, S. Hertel, J. Jobst, C. Steiner, K. Meil, K. Ullmann, A. Albert, Y. Wang, M. Krieger, J. Ristein,
    S. Maier, H. Weber
    Nanotechnology 26, 025302 (2015)
  • Graphene-Templated Growth of Pd Nanoclusters
    K. Gotterbarm. C. Steiner, C. Bronnbauer, U. Bauer, H.-P. Steinrück, S. Maier*, Ch. Papp*
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 118, 29, 15934–15939 (2014)
  • Robust Graphene Membranes in a Silicon Carbide Frame
    D. Waldmann, B. Butz, S. Bauer, J.M. Englert, J. Jobst, K. Ullmann, F. Fromm, M. Ammon, M. Enzelberger, A. Hirsch, S. Maier, P. Schmuki, Th. Seyller, E. Spiecker, and H.B. Weber
    ACS Nano, 7 (5), 4441–4448 (2013)