Single-molecule processes and electronic structure of molecules

One of the main challenges for applications of functional molecular layers in artificial photosynthesis and molecular electronics is to direct the growth of molecules on surfaces at the nanometer scale. We study with high-resolution scanning probe microscopy the structure and local electronic properties of single molecules and self-assembled networks on surfaces. Of particular interest are molecular self-assemblies with interesting electronic properties. We use specially designed molecular building block to unravel the molecules functionality. Using sacnnig tunneling (STM) and non-contact atomic force microscopy (nc-AFM) we are able to study the structure of molecules at the submolecular level. In addtion we can understand their electronic properties unsing scanning tunneling spectroscopy.

  STS of on a binary triphenylamine network on Au(111)
  [CHEMCOMM 2018]

Selected publications:

  • Two-dimensional delocalized states in organometallic bis-acetylide networks on Ag(111)
    Z. Yang, J. Gebhardt, T.A. Schaub, T. Sander, J. Schönamsgruber, H. Soni, A. Görling, M. Kivala, S. Maier
    Nanoscale, 10, 3769-3776 (2018)
  • Binary supramolecular networks of bridged triphenylamines with different substituents and identical scaffolds
    C. Steiner, Z. Yang, B. Gliemann, U. Meinhardt, M. Gurrath, M. Ammon, B. Meyer, M. Kivala, S. Maier
    Chem. Commun., 54, 11554-11557 (2018)